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Welcome to the Horses Land and Water Community of Practice

A Community of Practice is a group of like-minded people who share information about a set range of topics, in this case, horse keeping and good land management practices.

This Community of Practice uses four key ways to engage horse owners and horse property managers with each other to share collective knowledge and experiences

  • the HorsesLandWater Action Planner & Management Guideline for free download
  • promotion of workshops & field days relating to managing horse properties
  • direction to information resources for free or to be purchased
  • links to websites, mentors & peers

Please contact the HorsesLandWater team for any comments, feedback or ideas for research or new resources.

HorsesLandWater corporate and community programs: HorsesLandWater staff and volunteers are able to offer a range of programs tailored to suit horse keepers in your area in Australia or overseas. The team has experience in resource development, educational programs and related activities. Community capacity building programs include interface with government and environmental agencies.

Australian Horse Industry Research and Development Appeal